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What is the Custom-SeatCover Affiliate Network?

The Custom-SeatCover Affiliate Network is a free program that gives you the tools to sell all types of covers (seat, dash, etc.) for cars, trucks and SUV's to users of your site. By placing links (text or banners) on your site, you receive commissions on every item sold to users who buy products as a result of clicking on the link that you've placed on your site. You put the link on your web site and we do the rest - billing, payment, fulfillment and customer service.

You will also be added to our link page with the possibility of us adding more traffic to your site.

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What does it mean to be a Custom-SeatCover affiliate?

  • You'll earn 8% on all sales made during all user sessions originating from a link on your site. In dollars this translates to $ 2.40 - $ 36.00 per item ! and some orders will have multiple items.

  • You can use your Custom-SeatCovers affiliation to make your own purchases - you keep the commission - in essence, a 8% discount just for participating in the program.

  • You'll get a password that gives you access to our exclusive Affiliate control center located at Affiliate Control. This is where you can check your stats and see how much you've earned, plus keep your account status up-to-date.

  • Any site, large or small, can join. You'll be a member of a professionally operated affiliate program brought to you by the number one cover manufacturer on the Internet - Eclipsecovers.com.

  • We have installed the finest affiliate tracking software available. Not only will it track the sells your site generates, but it will email you every time your site generates an order detailing how much commission you have made. It will track the click throughs generated by your site, and give you the up to minute total that you have earned. The software ensures that you - our affiliate - can be completely confident that you will be credited with all the sales that are generated from your site.

    Participate for free …. It's fast and simple. Put up one link or put a link on every page - it's up to you!

    3 compelling reasons why you should become a Custom-SeatCover affiliate…..

    1. You'll make money. Members of the Custom-SeatCover Affiliate Network receive a percentage of the sale price of every product they sell. There is no minimum order amount, commission is credited to you every time an order is placed from a link on your site.

    2. We know how to make it fit. We have over 17 years of manufacturing experience. We know how to make it fit and we know how to keep our customers happy. There will be no reason to worry about sending your users our way.

    3. Nothing to lose. There are no risks in signing up. You have nothing to lose and only money to gain, so sign up today!

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