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Universal - Pair of Buckets $ 170.00
Universal - Front Bench $ 230.00
Universal - Rear Bench $ 230.00
Semi-Custom - Pair of Buckets $ 323.00
Semi-Custom - Pair of Middle Buckets $ 323.00
Semi-Custom - Front Bench $ 323.00
Semi-Custom - Middle Bench $ 323.00
Semi-Custom - Rear Bench $ 323.00
Custom - Pair of Buckets $ 475.00
Custom - Pair of Middle Buckets $ 475.00
Custom - Front Bench $ 475.00
Custom - Middle Bench $ 475.00
Custom - Rear Bench $ 475.00
Pair Arm Rest Covers $ 75.00
Pair Head Rest Covers $ 85.00
Large Middle Arm Rest or Console Cover $ 90.00
Deluxe Console Cover $ 185.00
Sheepskin Heel Pad $ 18.50

Authentic Sheepskin Seat Covers

These Sheepskin seat covers are made of the highest quality "authentic" sheepskin available. They are by far the most comfortable seat cover around. Sheepskin's natural insulating properties provide a cushion of air between you and the seat. This allows air to circulate, keeping you toasty warm in the freezing winter, cool and dry in the hot summer. This same cushion effect relieves the pressure on your back, seat and legs. The sheepskin look and comfort will add value to your car while it is protecting the material beneath.

The ultimate in tailored fit, good looks and luxurious comfort. Hand-cut and hand-crafted to duplicate every curve and contour of your individual carseat. Construction begins only after your order is recieved and we know the exact make, model and year of your car. Then we tailor the cover to wrap around the sides, top and front. To keep the cover in place, we completely bind it with heavy duty elastic. This seat cover is available in many luxurious colors to coordinate with all car interiors.

These imported sheepskin covers are ready made to fit your seat, wrapping almost completely around the sides, top and bottom. These covers are bound with elastic to keep give it a snug fit and custom-tailored look. A masterpiece of affordable luxury, the Semi-Custom fits most high and low bucket seats. Choose from our large color selection.

For the economy-minded driver who insists on comfort and beauty. The Universal stretch design gives you genuine full sheepskin in its seating surfaces, together with a matching stretchable knitted wool or acrylic fibre wrapping fully around the sides, back and bottom for a firm non-shift fit. The Universal covers fit most high and low back bucket seats.

What is the difference between custom and universal fit?
Universals are made from a generic pattern with stretchy material. This allows the cover to stretch and fit many different vehicle styles although it does not fit them all well. Custom fit are made using the exact pattern of a given make and model of car or truck. The material you choose covers all edges of the exposed seat, and results in a custom fit that does not need to strech to fit. Semi-Custom fit is made by taking a universal fit and modifing it to fit a seat that is square, has arm rests, or has other features that universals will not fit.

What is a deluxe console cover for?
This is the cover for the middle 20 portion of a 40-20-40 split seat.

What is your warranty?
There is a 2 year warranty against wear, fade and seam separation on custom seat covers.

How do I install my seat covers?
Installation depends on the type of fit you select your seat style. For a detailed, step by step process of installation with pictures, check out our installation instructions by clicking here.

Will they fit my car?
In almost all cases yes. Custom fit covers pull on and fit nice and snug. We have patterns for thousands of vehicles, including domestic, foreign cars, trucks, vans, SUV's and more in house and we are always adding new ones every day. In most cases we can get your pattern in a few days if we don't already have it. If we have a problem finding your pattern we will let you know, but in most cases we get them in a few short days.

Must I order online?
Ordering online is probably the easiest method. We prompt you for all of the needed information when you are checking out. If you feel uncomfortable ording online, call our number at 435-245-4426. Be sure to have your vehicles year, make and model ready as well as we style of your bench or bucket seat.

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